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Key Facts

  • Average Weight: 14 oz.
  • Blade Width: 9.06" (23cm)
  • Blade Length: 18.5" (47cm)
  • Shaft Bend: Double Bend

Detailed Specs

  • Blade Material: Foam Core with Carbon Fiber Wrap
  • Shaft Material: Bamboo
  • Blade Angle: 9°
  • Dihedral: Yes
  • Made in: Tahiti

About FSN Double Bend - 9"

The Viper Fusion (FSN) is by far our best selling paddle. It clocks in at an amazing 14 ounces, which is as light as all carbon paddles. This paddle is so light because of it's construction - the bamboo shaft is hollow, cutting out enough weight to make this paddle feather light, but yet has enough wait to carry your swing through the air. The Bamboo shaft is also more flexible than carbon fiber making it more forgiving on joints, and strong enough to be used by the top paddlers in the world. It is great for sprints and distance alike. 

The edge of the blade has a thin layer running on top of the carbon to protect the edge from nicks and cracks, guaranteeing the perfect water entry every stroke. The blade has a square-ish shape that gives it wider corners at the end of the blade, which results in a larger bite because the full width of the blade is at the furthest leverage point. 

The T Handle has an ergonomic design giving a wider than normal grip. The added width keeps your hand more open providing comfort and it will help you avoid any unwanted cramps. The shaft is also nice and thin making your lower hand grip more comfortable as well.

The 9" blade face is great for smaller/lighter paddlers or those who want a higher stroke rate.

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