FSN Double Bend - 9.5"

Viper Va'a

Key Facts

  • Average Weight: 14 oz.
  • Blade Width: 9.45" (24cm)
  • Blade Length: 18.7" (47.5cm)
  • Shaft Bend: Double Bend

Detailed Specs

  • Blade Material: Foam Core with Carbon Fiber Wrap
  • Shaft Material: Bamboo
  • Blade Angle: 9°
  • Dihedral: Yes
  • Made in: Tahiti

About FSN Double Bend - 9.5"

The Viper 9.5" is the go to club blade for many clubs, and for good reason. It's light, comfortable, and gives you the confidence to load up all your weight and strength you can into your stroke.

It's Light - 14 ounces! Though it's a hybrid it weighs the same amount as all carbon paddles and is just as strong. The shaft is a hollow piece of bamboo giving this blade a feather light feel.

The Feel - The square-ish shape of the blade moves the widest part of the blade further away from your hand than most blades, giving you the most width at the best leverage point of the stroke. It gives a BIG bite at the catch that gives you the confidence that you can load up on your stroke without feeling like the blade might slip.

It's Durable - The best paddlers use this blade for a reason. Besides the feel and weight, this blade is strong. It has a protective layer around the edge of the blade  protecting it from damage and guaranteeing a perfect water entry.

It's Comfortable - The construction of the bamboo shaft is nice and thin, making this blade more comfortable than most. The T top was also artfully crafted to be ergonomic. It has a nice wide, curved shape that keeps your hand open and loose - so no matter how many miles you plan on doing, your forearms won't cramp up. 

The Viper FSN 9.5" blade is a great all around blade that will work for sprints and distance no matter if you are in a OC-1, Unlimited, or OC-6. This blade is the mid sized blade and is a great size for the average weight/strength paddler. 

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