Puakea All Carbon Double Bend

The Puakea Double Bend is a light all carbon fiber paddle, clocking in at 14 ounces. Unlike other carbon fiber paddles this paddle has enough flex to be easy on your joints. The flex in the paddle takes away from the stress caused on your shoulders or elbow. It's gradual double bend shaft makes this all carbon outrigger paddle very comfortable keeping your wrist in a neutral position so you can have a nice relaxed grip. The T top is slightly widened to take stress off of the muscles in your hand which prevents cramping in prolonged paddles. 

The Puakea Double Bend has a dihedral angle on the back so it can cut through the water quickly without causing cavitation. The foil on the blade has a light scoop on the leading edge allowing it to enter and exit the water cleanly maximizing its efficiency and giving the blade a good bite at the catch. 

Size Chart
Your Height Recommended Paddle Length
5’0”-5’2” 46”-47”
5’3”-5’5” 47”-49”
5’6”-5’8” 49”-51”
5’9”-5’11” 51”-52”
6’0”-6’2” 52”-53”
6’3”-6’5” 54”-56”