This outrigger paddle is a lighter version of the Mudbrook XP. Built with the same exact shape for an aggressive bite, clean entry, and quick exit. The balsa cuts off a few ounces, and is glassed on both sides with urethane edges to give you a durable paddle that lasts. It has a hollowed T-Top that is extra smooth to eliminate blisters. Just like the XP this paddle gives you a fast controllable acceleration through the water, and still carries enough weight to give you a nice smooth forward swing on your recovery.
Size Chart
Your Height Recommended Paddle Length
5’0”-5’2” 46”-47”
5’3”-5’5” 47”-49”
5’6”-5’8” 49”-51”
5’9”-5’11” 51”-52”
6’0”-6’2” 52”-53”
6’3”-6’5” 54”-56”